Educational Games To Help Kids Learn

Teaching kids doesn't have to be difficult. It can actually be an exciting and joyful activity. Sometimes when kids think about learning, they tend to feel it is boring. They love to learn, but sometimes they just don't know how much when it is not considered fun.

There are many games you can create and play with your kids and they can learn at the same time. Here are a few fun games to play and teach them the some learning basics:

Cookie Jar = Counting

Get a piece of construction paper and cut it out in even squares and label them from one to ten.

Make sure there are ten cookies in the cookie jar. Tell the kids, here we have ten cookies in the jar.

Have each child take a turn and choose one of the numbered papers. Once they get their number they have to count how many cookies to remove from the jar.

Then as a snack, get some milk and show them how to divide the cookies equally between each other, and then enjoy.

Holding Beans=Subtraction:

You can start with ten beans and place them in a bowl. Grab some out of the bowl and show player number two how many you grabbed. Then you can put your hands behind your back and take some beans and put in the other hand. Show the player just one hand and let them count how many are in your hand. Now subtraction comes in, they must then tell you how many you have in your other hand.


This is a classic game and you don't have to go to the store to buy the game if you don't want to. You can have the kids walk around the house and look at everything. Then have them come back and sit on the floor in a circle. Name something to player one and see if they can remember where in the house they saw it.

There are so many games you can create to teach your kids. You don't need to spend money most of the time. Use your creativity and imagination and you can teach your children how to spell, read, write, math, and cognitive thinking. As you know children can be like sponges, and they don't like to admit they like to learn, but you will usually find if it is an activity or subject that interests them, they will be more willing to learn.

My passion is to help others through their journey in life. To help those who find it difficult to follow the right path, and to teach my children to offer their hands in life. I have a great passion in giving and finding peace and hope in all types of relationships.

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